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Halloween season of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast, brings star guest Xander Berkeley, 'Gregory' on AMC's 'The Walking Dead', into our mansion! Famous for roles across Hollywood films, Terminator 2, Candy Man, Apollo 13, Air Force One, Kick-Ass, Transcendence, and main cast in Emmy awarded tv series 24, Nikita, The Mentalist, Being Human, Salem, Jericho, and the Booth at the End.



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Halloween season of the No1. Survival Horror podcast on iTunes, treats our listeners to the most prolific Albert Wesker actor, across three main titles, and DVD 'Wesker's Report', the entertaining, imposing, and erudite Richard Waugh. As a very special Halloween treat, Richard Waugh reprises his role, as the iconic antagonist, to record in-character as Albert Wesker, from a classic Resident Evil file!

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